We want our company to be a place where we have permission to innovate, a place where we are encouraged to take on risks, a place where we treat others fairly and with respect, a place where we support one another, where we are accountable for our actions and where we are never satisfied.

- Paul Verhesen, President and CEO

Our Values

Our core values represent what we have stood for in the past, who we are today, and who we want to be known for moving in to the future.

At Clark Builders, we build exceptional experiences by doing the right thing.

Core Values

Have a CAN-DO Attitude

Provide solutions
Seize the opportunity
Commit to achieve common goals


Learn what matters
Honour commitments
Practice humility

Succeed as a TEAM

Draw upon creativity and experience
Actively participate
Recognize individual contributions and team wins

Lead with COURAGE

Demonstrate integrity
Take calculated risks
Do the right thing for the long term


Communicate and collaborate
Continuously improve
Establish a track record of positive outcomes