Do the right thing.

This very basic statement lives at the core of our company. Doing the right thing isn't always easy; it requires discipline and alignment when faced with challenges. At Clark Builders, we remain determined in meeting our collective objectives, achieving them with unwavering integrity and purpose.

Define Success
When we know the conditions of satisfaction, we align our project goals with yours, and plan each step of our process accordingly.
Act Safely
Safety is a mindset that guides our business. This is evidenced by our training centre and health and safety program, and also by its presence in our meeting rooms, planning charts and on every job site. Every single day, we ensure our people and partners work safe.
Build Quality, Sustainably
With the bar already set high for quality results, we recognize the negative impact our industry can have on the planet. Treading lightly while delivering high-end results is our goal, as such, these concepts guide our planning and business processes.
To ensure our customers get the most value out of any project, we are continuously improving our systems and performance. We are focused on creating a lean culture on our projects, in our offices and through our supply chain. Pairing our construction efforts with BIM (Building Information Modelling) allows us to identify and mitigate project risk, find pre-fabrication opportunities, and ultimately deliver best-in-class quality services
Self Perform
We are a true builder. By employing our own team, we reduce risk by controlling what drives cost, quality, and schedule, delivering projects in a strategic, purposeful way. Services we self perform include structural concrete, building envelope and architectural metal products, metal building systems, and rough and support carpentry.
Regardless of the delivery model, scale of project or when we are engaged, our building process starts with the team and it ends with the team. Employees, clients, industry partners and each project stakeholder succeed when we engage in this integrated manner.