Delivering buildings and structures in the industrialcommercial, and institutional market sectors, Clark Builders provides an exceptional experience for our clients, employees, and industry partners. Whether we are building on the edge of the Arctic Circle, an operating plant site, a suburban development, on campus, or in the downtown core, customized teams and a relentless attention to detail ensure well-built projects, satisfied clients, and timely delivery.

We are known for our attention to detail because it goes into every project we deliver.

We approach each job the same way: with a commitment to building value, delivering an end product of unmatched quality. Effective communication is instilled from the onset and exists throughout every phase of the project, eliminating confusion and unnecessary complexity from the process.

Take a look at our project profiles here, and find out more about our services below:

Preconstruction Services

At Clark Builders, our work starts long before construction begins. The early stages of a project provide the best opportunity to inject value and ensure a great final product. Clark Builders provides the right resources and expertise to evaluate concepts through our industry leading Preconstruction Services team. We thrive on providing prompt and accurate pricing, project planning, and alternative solutions to help our clients and industry partners make timely, informed, value-based decisions.

Construction Management

As Construction Managers, your vision is our vision. We work closely with architects and designers to understand the project, and ultimately develop a targeted solution that optimizes every stage of the build. This allows our clients to make informed decisions with confidence. Our team engages at the earliest stages of the project cycle and sees the project through to completion—regardless of whether the construction phase is delivered through a cost plus, fixed price, or guaranteed maximum price contract.


Through our Design-Build service, Clark Builders provides a single source of responsibility to the client. We work to develop and understand project expectations and then manage those needs with a customized, qualified design team. Innovation should happen throughout a project. To do that, we focus our efforts on each step of every phase to make the entire process smooth and straightforward. Our proactive, collaborative approach is what uncovers unique ideas and opportunities for improvement before the next phase begins.

Fixed Price Tender General Contracting

Clark Builders approaches complex projects with competitive pricing, industry respected skillsets and a wealth of expertise in General Contracting services. With a diverse range of experts across a variety of fields, we create a dedicated team specifically for your build that will efficiently, safely and economically deliver.

Integrated Project Delivery

Before advancing beyond the schematic design stage, Clark Builders carefully assembles a team of relevant stakeholders. Through Targeted Value Design, we facilitate collaboration of subject matter experts from the field and skilled design professionals to achieve results that not only beat industry standards in quality, schedule and budget, but set new ones in the process. Through various contract forms and built-in incentive programs, we are industry leaders in this creative and innovative results-based approach.

Alternative Project Delivery Models

Clark Builders also provides Construction Management, Modified Design Build and General Contracting services to unique contractual arrangements and alternative project delivery models such as Private-Public Partnerships (P3) or unique hybrids such as Design-Build Construction Management (DBCM). Project or sector specific joint ventures and strategic alliances are also part of our service offering including our CGT Partnership and a range of other project specific initiatives or partnerships.

Metal Building Systems

Over the past 40 years, Clark Builders has supplied and installed several hundreds of buildings across Alberta, Northwest Territories, BC and Saskatchewan. In the past decade alone, we have completed more than 5 million square feet of metal building systems across Western Canada.  We have also done international work in Russia, China, Iceland, Africa and the US. Our scope includes Commercial, Recreational, Institutional and Industrial projects. 

Clark Builders is an authorized supplier of Behlen Industries and Butler Manufacturing metal building systems and can offer full service design build delivery, meeting your specific needs.  Our Metals Division has been recognized with several Metal Building Awards, and below are just a sampling since 2012:

  • Outstanding Performance - Flex-Systems - Exceptional Performance of complex & diverse projects;
  • Outstanding Performance - Com Build (Cladding) - #1 Dealer in Canada;
  • Behlen Presidents Award - Overall Most Successful Dealer/Installer;
  • One of the top 3 Volume Dealer of Butler Systems in Canada;
  • One of the top 4 Volume Dealer of Butler Systems in North America.

Architectural Building Cladding/Envelopes

Through our Architectural Products group, we are challenging the limits of what building exteriors can be; both aesthetically and in terms of energy performance. Our in-house cladding teams supply and install a diverse range of solutions to new building and building envelope upgrade projects. In collaboration with design architects and our clients, we provide valuable input regarding products and installation techniques at the earliest stages and throughout the build.

Sustainable Buildings

With our start in Canada’s pristine North, we appreciate the importance of practicing sustainable construction. Being “Green” is more than just scorecards and certifications, it’s about leading by example with the courage to do what’s right, not just for today, but for generations to come. With numerous sustainably constructed projects in our repertoire, Clark is focused on advancing sustainable building practices with a team of fully dedicated professionals. Together, we are working to redefine construction and its impact on the planet.

Turnkey Industrial Construction and Maintenance - CGT Industrial

For a project to flow seamlessly, one point of contact makes all the difference. CGT Industrial provides its clients with the convenience of working with one company that covers multiple disciplines on industrial facility construction and maintenance. CGT manages the entire process of new construction through to completion as well as maintenance and servicing. For projects that require a broad range of services, CGT offers civil, carpentry, concrete, metal building systems, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation expertise.

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Equipment Rentals - Northstar Rentals

NorthStar Equipment Rentals is an Alberta-based construction equipment rental service offering competitive rates and superior client service.

A trusted source for construction job site equipment—from lift equipment to hand tools, NorthStar has the construction resources needed to get the job done. No delivery timeline is too tight, and no job or supply chain is too complex—NorthStar can help you find the solution for your construction site needs.

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